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Website technical optimization for your website

  • Theme features check
  • Sitemap structure and links URL parameters
  • XML sitemap generation
  • Text fields and images format and upload
  • Uploading page testing - Webrowsers
  • Dead links removal
  • Hreflang tags 
  • Java script and CSS optimization
  • Third-party scripts review
  • Images and text SEO review
  • Forms and contact us pages review
  • Plugins and Add-Ons review and update
  • HTTPS implementation
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Limiting or disabling database revisions
  • Offloading media files
  • Gzip compression
  • Cache-control
  • Preconnect and Prefetch DNS resolution
  • Avoiding sitewide loading
  • Clearing autoloaded data
  • Finding the balance between design UX and tech
  • Website monitoring hosting alerts - Downtime
  • Page scores and recommendations
  • Website benchmarking

Connecting all your marketing platforms to get data of campaigns performance

  • Setup Google Accounts (Adwords, Display & Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console)
  • Tracking codes installation
  • Google Analytics & Tag manager integration
  • Google search console set up
  • Define goals and setup
  • Integration Analytics with Ads
  • Google Tag Manager: Events & triggers configuration
  • Skewed analytics - Bot traffic removal from organic and paid data. PerimeterX
  • Setup Facebook pixel and fix pixel audience
  • LinkedIn Insight Tag
  • YouTube tracking
  • Registration pages
  • Surveys
  • Whatsapp
  • Drift
  • Hubspot
  • Zendesk

SEO: Ads and Marketing Content Audit to Leverage Google Search

  • Analysis of themes and trends: research of themes
  • Keyword research: KW Magic too
  • Keyword gap: KW GAP
  • Keyword manager (tool)
  • Correct meta tags and URL to include keywords
  • Diagnose and correct crawl and metadata problems
  • Sitemap structure
  • Content of the ads
  • Text and images of the site
  • Rewrite and create content on page and blog posts to include target keywords.
  • Find and work with other backlink sources
  • Creating appointments
  • Site status
  • Toxic backlinks
  • Rankings / visibility / participation in voice

Managing your multi-channel marketing platforms and data-driven campaigns

  • SEO and customer journey driven content
  • Marketing assets production
  • Content flow planning
  • Exploration nurturing
  • ABM tactics
  • Trials nurturing
  • Onboarding nurturing
  • Tactic for people who have been to your website
  • Tactic for people who have been to your competitor's website
  • Audiences match on Youtube, search, display, and shopping ads
  • Custom audiences on Facebook or Instagram ads
  • E-mail
  • Google Ads and Display
  • Facebook and Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • ABM marketing
  • Blogs
  • Campaign workflow
  • Campaign calendar
  • Campaign launching and monitoring
  • Campaign attribution performance
  • Campaign ROI

Selling online - Developing your eCommerce channel

  • View sales channel dashboards in your Shopify Home
  • Shopify Account Set-Up
  • Set up your billing information
  • Install Product Reviews App for Shopify
  • Review your email notification settings
  • Remove an online sales channel from your Shopify admin
  • Installing bot defender App for e-stores
  • Integrating Klaviyo to Shopify
  • Finding and submitting your sitemap
  • Adjust your tax and shipping settings
  • Add other online sales channels
  • Add an online sales channel to your Shopify admin
  • Add a custom domain
  • Organize your products into collections
  • Managing inventory
  • Importing and exporting products
  • Adding and updating products - Up to 100
  • Making your website look great with a theme
  • Customizing your theme
  • Adding a blog to your store
  • Setup and continually managing Klaviyo email flows
  • Setting up and creating rules with Justuno
  • eCommerce Growth dashboards

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