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With the burgeoning emphasis on digital initiatives, the evolving landscape of marketing teams, and the introduction of new platforms, it becomes imperative to establish adaptive support models. These models, referred to as “Just in Time” and “Just in Case,” offer a strategic approach to addressing the ever-changing demands of the marketing landscape.

The challenge

As new platforms redefine best practices for sales and marketing, businesses encounter the need for exploration, piloting, and a profound understanding of where their most significant opportunities lie.

Breaking the status quo creates many operational impllications, particularly for companies with established and unique processes. Teams must grasp tangible improvements and witness quick wins to enthusiastically embrace the transformative journey.

Our approach

Our team dedicated to the meticulous collection of current process information, exploring stakeholder involvement, understanding usage patterns, and identifying potential shortcuts. In parallel, we are actively defining specific pains and constraints within the existing processes, aiming to address these challenges comprehensively.