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With the burgeoning emphasis on digital initiatives, the evolving landscape of marketing teams, and the introduction of new platforms, it becomes imperative to establish adaptive support models. These models, referred to as “Just in Time” and “Just in Case,” offer a strategic approach to addressing the ever-changing demands of the marketing landscape.

The challenge

Explore the idea of simplifying the sales life cycle data management to facilitate a smoother process for the sales team. The primary goal is to streamline the registration of customer status and improve the accessibility of product offers, upgrades, and add-ons.

Our approach was

Instead of opting for a platform change, the emphasis was placed on identifying and implementing additional technological modifications within the existing tool. The outcome of this focused effort, carried out through research and formal requests to platform providers within a 4-week timeframe, resulted in a well-defined solution that not only saved valuable time but also minimized the need for extensive reprocessing or the implementation of a new platform.